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When it came to the time of year that I had to start my thesis, a lot of other work fell behind. Other students I knew said they were using, so I gave it a try too.

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Table of contents

  1. Services offered: Too general and unspecific
  2. Quality: Level of language too low for college assignments
  3. Prices: High cost for low quality
  4. Customer support: Very difficult to contact
  5. Conclusion

Services offered: Too general and unspecific services

As the website is called PhDify, I assumed it was designed for PhD students, but it will actually provide any essay or paper, including admission into college. However, one thing that did concern me when I first finished my sign up and opened my account was that they didn’t ask me what level of education it was aimed for. This should have been a red flag, as they clearly weren’t asking the necessary questions to fulfill my order properly.

Quality: Level of language too low for college assignments

I figured that all writers would be good in order to work here, however after my initial login/sign in the website started to feel more like a scam. The writers that I could send my work to looked like fake profile pictures, and I think that’s to hide the fact that the work is outsourced to non-native English speakers, or that you’re just re-sold a similar paper. It was so bad I couldn’t hand it in, and I was also so scared of plagiarism that I had to re-write most of it. This is not legit, as they said they provided high-quality papers, and they just don’t. I think it may be between illegal/legal based on false advertising alone.

Prices: High cost for low quality prices

There‘s no promotion code or discount available for this site, and the prices are high. A standard 3000-word paper would cost $370 with a turnaround time of a few days, though normally you can pay less for an undergraduate paper, and more for a graduate paper. There’s no deal like that available here, so you kind of feel safe and assume all essays are great, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Nothing is free on this site either, and you’ll be expected to pay extra for normal things like ‘VIP support’ when I would expect customer support as standard.

Customer support: Very difficult to contact customer support

As I was pretty sure I’d been re-sold an essay, that was low quality and felt like they’d just made a couple of changes to an existing paper, I asked for a refund. There’s no contact number, and the live chat felt like a robot, and I never got a reply to my emails. I couldn’t be more disappointed with the customer service, especially after I paid such a high price and received such a low-quality product. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

I felt compelled to write a review about, just to warn other students who might get desperate and try it out. I’m sure there are plenty of good essay writing services out there, but this is just not one of them, and should be avoided at all costs. You’ll end up having to re-write what they send anyway, so save time and money and look elsewhere.

Rating: 3.6

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  1. I am convinced that these writers are not graduates of higher education. I ended up correcting their revisions at a rate of almost 80% of the paper. Simple grammatical errors were committed constantly by these “writers.” I think they outsource your paper! I was taken for close to $1000. Do not consider this “service.” It is not legit!!

  2. Phdify was unprofessional and no help and I demanded my money back. The customer service was terrible once you pay.

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