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Primarily dedicated to the Chinese student market, many Western world cultures may find a bit of a handful to use. However, if you’re Chinese or speak Chinese, this custom writing service may appeal to your needs. With ever-increasing pressures from your respective academic institutions, more and more students are turning to websites, such as this one, for help when it comes to completing assignments on time and to the highest level of quality.

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AcademicSavior – Rating 5.6

Table of contents

  1. Services – 6/10
  2. Quality – 4/10
  3. Pricing – 6/10
  4. Customer Support – 6/10
  5. Conclusion

Services – 6/10 services

Despite marketing itself as covering over 240 services, AcademicSavior doesn’t have a dedicated services page. This means that although they cover a broad range of topics, they don’t offer any various assignment types. This means you may be out of luck if you’re looking for a site that can provide you with a presentation, a thesis or any other niche kind of assignment type.

Quality – 4/10

As you would expect, the dedicated testimonials page has plenty of reviews. However, searching online tells another story. There are very mixed reviews on the website. Some individuals state that the website was okay and that they had to read through and make some minor edits. Other exclaimed it’s the worst service they have ever used and that the assignment they received was riddled with mistakes and wasn’t in legible English as promised.

Pricing – 6/10 pricing

Using the dedicated pricing page, you can choose which currency you would like to order with, allowing you to work out your quote. As you’ll notice the deadline times are extremely strange and do not seem to follow any kind of logic. With that aside, a ten-page assignment with a 14-48-hour deadline will set you back around 490USD. This is extortionate for a custom writing service as there are much cheaper alternatives available.

Customer Support – 6/10 customer support

There are very limited ways to contact Academic Savior custom writing service. On the dedicated contact page, you’ll find a US address, an email address (that can only be used for order queries) and a very simplistic email form for you to fill out. Unfortunately, there are no social media profile links, no phone numbers and not any trace of a live chat option. This means if you choose to use the website, there are no ways of receiving support should you need it. This won’t be ideal if you’re waiting on your assignment with a deadline due in a few hours. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

With a very simple and bland website and a complete lack of detail about what the site actually offers, is not recommended. With a complete absence of dedicated support options for any student around the world, international or not, and sky-high prices that are sure to leave you short-changed for the rest of the month, students will be better off taking their business elsewhere.

Rating: 2.8

2 Comments Posted

  1. NO MORE VICTIMS – don’t use Academic Savior

    The first order

    In early December 2022, I placed a writing order with Academic Savior. I sent the writer the writing instructions. Firstly, I required the writer to prepare an abstract of half a page of an A4 paper, due on 6 December 2022. Secondly, this extra needed to be approved by my teacher, before I could proceed to complete the assignment. Attached to the order, I sent my school studying materials to the writer so he knew the content requirements.

    However, the writer sent back a document of two A4 paper. Moreover, the content of his work does not match to the study materials. Definitely, this work did not meet the requirement. I then requested to change another writer. Unfortunately, the same thing happened, the 2nd writer sent me the document, also of two A4 pages. Hence, I requested to change to a new writer again. The 3rd writer.

    It was after 6 Dec already, I prepared the abstract myself.

    the second order

    I had a maths assignment. As usual, I sent the writer the school topics, past papers, and the previous home assignments, showing the School requirements in answering questions.

    This time, Academic Savior, arranged the same 3rd writer of the first order to do this Maths assignment. When I received the homework back, this 3rd writer did not check my school study materials and past papers requirements. The writer completed this order even without looking at the questions seriously. For sample, Q1a, asked to provide a notion. However, the writer gave numerical answers. The same thing happened to the rest of the questions.

    I asked Academic Savior for the refund. However, Academic Savior alleged that the order is complete, so no refund. I do not agree because even for a complete order, if the answers are not right, they should refund.

    Academic Savior requested to me to provide the school answers as support. At that time, my school answers weren’t available. I requested their proofreader to check the answers. The proofreader should have the knowledge to tell whether the writer answers are correct.

    As I said, when the question asked for a notion, there is no way to provide a numerical answer. Even though the proofreader does not have the knowledge to check the technical answer, but this is something very simple, just simple English.

    However they refused for the refund, saying that the order is complete.

    Later, I provided my school answers. They then, sent me an email saying that the refund is now in process. However, inside the email they saying that 请考虑,如果订单最初支付了 50%,则假定已退款。如果订单最初支付了 100%,则将退还总金额的 50%.

    Of course I do not agree, I prepaid the order is for the writer to start working. It’s not saying if I prepaid 50%, in the case for a refund, it is assumed that the refund is done. That is to say, in any case, you will not get a refund

    Back to the first order

    As the 3rd writer would prepare the writing assignment. I requested Academic Savior to cancel the order. However, Academic Savior refused to arrange a refund. There was no ground for them not to do the refund, because the first two drafts prepared by the first two writers definitely did not meet the requirement, that is they failed to provide an abstract of half a A4 size.

    After several rounds of negotiation, I received a refund email. Inside the email they saying that 请考虑,如果订单最初支付了 50%,则假定已退款。如果订单最初支付了 100%,则将退还总金额的 50 %. Once again, I do not agree. Then they came back with the allegation that:-

    if 20%-50% of the order completion time has passed, 50% refund is possible. As the order is 50% paid, you can just don’t pay the rest of the amount, the refund is already considered to be done.

    This is totally groundless, it is the writer failed to do the writing assignment. It has nothing to do with the time passed


    Academic Savior, claimed there’s no more discussion. The refund process took me more than 3 weeks in December during the busy exam season. Yet no refunds for no reasons.

    No more victims is the reason why I lodged this complaint. Don’t use Academic Savior because:-

    1. The writer did not prepare answers according to requirement

    2. Even though I had provided the school answers showing that the writer answers are wrong, they refused to refund my money.

    3. I’m a student, I paid for the homework services, so to get a second opinion on what the answer should be. However when I provided my school answers to them showing that their answers are not correct, they refused to refund the money back to me.

    4. At Academic Savior, they risk your grade and take my money.

    5. For the writing assignment, their excuse not to refund the money is totally groundless., if 20%-50% of the order completion time has passed, 50% refund is possible. As the order is 50% paid, you can just don’t pay the rest of the amount, the refund is already considered to be done.

    6. For the Maths assignment, even I provided the school answer showing that their answers are wrong, they still refused to refund my money.

    7. Academic Savior claimed I needed to submit the wrong answer to the school first and I get a low grade. This is illogical. Nobody will submit wrong answers to the school to get a low grade and then to get the money back. Their proofreader should have the knowledge to check and compare the school answers to the writer answers. Their excuse is totally irresponsible and unethical.

    8. Stop using Academic Savior, they took your money and ask you to lose your grade. Why should I?

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