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It’s getting to a busy time of year in my projects and I’d started hearing people talk about around campus. I was falling behind as I had so much to do, so I thought I’d give it a try. As this review will show, that was a huge mistake.

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Laustan – Rating 5.8

Table of contents

  1. Prices: You’ll Be Charged More for Expecting Quality
  2. Sceptical About the Writers’ Experience
  3. Services: Impossible To Provide What They Offer
  4. Deadlines: Don’t Be Fooled By Promises of Speedy Work
  5. Customer Support: Totally Unavailable
  6. Conclusion

Prices: You’ll Be Charged More for Expecting Quality prices

The cost is kind of up to you as there are a lot of aspects to choose from, but you’ll pay more if you’re like me and using a writing service to produce work that is as good as, or better, than work you’d do yourself. The prices change depending on how good you want it to be, so you can save money by getting something average, but something that will apparently guarantee you a good grade costs extra. Even though there’s no promotion code anywhere, a discount is automatically applied, which basically looks like it’s the real price. I needed a 3000 paper urgently and that cost me $345 – which isn’t a great deal. Plus, I’m an undergraduate – the prices climb for graduates or PhDs, it’s not free to increase the level you need.

Sceptical About the Writers’ Experience

As I spent extra and chose a high writing standard, I couldn’t be more disappointed. There is no way I can hand this in as it is, as it would completely fail. The English is terrible, and reads like it’s been written by someone who does not have English as a first language. Plus, they’ve been so vague and general about my topic I kind of think Laustan produce generic papers then re-sell them. I don’t think this will pass plagiarism if another student has handed in something identical. Because of this, I think the website is a total scam, as they just don’t offer the service they say they do. It’s not legit, and it’s not safe to rely on them.

Services: Impossible To Provide What They Offer services

When I did my initial sign up I was impressed that they offered to write for all different levels of education, but quickly realized that they were offering to work too quickly, and weren’t asking enough about subjects to be any good.

Deadlines: Don’t Be Fooled By Promises of Speedy Work

I think a lot of people login/sign in to an account when they see that you can have papers one urgently, on that same day. But realistically, no decent 4000 word paper can be completed in a matter of hours.

Customer Support: Totally Unavailable customer support

There’s an icon for contact us, that isn’t even linked to anything, so when I eventually found a number to ask for a refund, it was no surprise there was nobody there. I don’t know if this crosses the line between illegal/legal, but I feel like I’ve been totally duped by them. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

Overall, I would advise busy students to look elsewhere for help, as while this may look like a good solution, you will be so disappointed with the paper you get, that you’ll just end up out of pocket, and with the same workload as before anyway.

Rating: 2.9

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  1. Laustan service cannot be based in United Kingdom, it is obvious they hire not native English speakers to write papers for clients. I’ve placed 2 orders there and the paper with a poor language and endless grammar errors.

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