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Students are always looking for writing services that will help them with their assignments. There are so many illegal/legal scam sites out there, though, that you’ve got to be careful. Can you trust to look after your interests? Are they really legit? This review has everything you need to know.

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  1. Services
  2. Quality
  3. Prices
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Services services

Most websites post a list of the services they provide. On this website though, there isn’t any list of services that a customer can see. I can assume that they cover most academic writing needs, such as essays, reports, and dissertations. However, you can’t know for sure unless you actually order and start working with a writer. If you need something a bit different, they may not be able to help.


Good writers can create excellent papers that get you the grades you need. Past reviews of this service, though, say that this may not be the case with Paper CP. They say that their essays were clearly rushed, written for other students before them, or even plagiarized. This is concerning, as you don’t want to be spending money on subpar work.

Prices prices

Reviews state that prices are reasonable with PaperCP writing service. With some investigation, though, I found that I couldn’t get a price myself unless I was willing to sign up for an account. I also couldn’t find any mention of a discount deal or a promotion code, like other writing services have. If you’re looking to get prices before you order, then you may be in trouble here.


Students need to know that their orders will come on time, especially if they’re up against deadlines themselves. However, some reviews say that essays ordered at PaperCP didn’t come until after the deadline had passed. If this is important to you, then keep this in mind when picking a service.

Customer service customer service

There’s a customer support team that can help you 24/7 at PaperCP. It can be contacted on the site for free if you login/sign in, or via their contact number. Some students say that there’s an issue with their refund service, which you should be aware of. Apparently, it’s much stricter than is advertised, meaning some students haven’t been given the refunds they thought they were entitled to.

Conclusion appear to be safe to order from, in that they’ll look after your details and deliver a paper to you. However, there’s a lot of issues around the work that they put out. The writing can be very much subpar, and sometimes the papers are not even delivered on time. If you’re looking around for a writing service, it’d be a good idea to check out some more reviews.

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