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5.0 rating
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I was starting to really freak out about college, and decided I needed to take a step back for the sake of my mental health. I didn’t want to take any time off or delay graduating, so I decided to try out an essay writing service. I made the choice to sign up for, but that turned out to be a big mistake. I would not recommend them to anyone looking for extra help.

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EssaysMaster- Rating 7.0

Table of contents

  1. Services: Offers are too vague
  2. Prices: Way too overpriced
  3. Quality: Extremely disappointing quality
  4. Deadlines: Unattainable standards
  5. Customer service: Don’t expect any support
  6. Conclusion

Services: Offers are too vague services

I should have known that my essay would be no good as they charged the same price for different subject, there was no differentiation for subjects like law or medicine. Plus they don’t ask for any details regarding how many resources you’d need, which is important for college essays. It’s not safe to trust a business to write a paper when they don’t know enough about the subject or what you need.

Prices: Way too overpriced prices

My 5000 word paper to be completed in a week cost $459. Paying for this order took a lot of my savings and there was no discount code or promotion that I could apply to save money. I should have looked around more as this seems more expensive than other sites, and it also definitely provides worse papers. Essays Master is not the best place to find a good deal at all.

Quality: Extremely disappointing quality

I’m not sure if the advertising is illegal/legal, as they say their writers are experts and professionals when they’re clearly not. It seemed like huge chunks of my essay were plagiarized and dated, and the new parts were written by someone who didn’t speak good English at all.

Deadlines: Unattainable standards

I needed a 5000 word essay, and I was able to wait a week for the paper which seemed reasonable. However, it would have been possible to ask for that essay to be ready in 12 hours, which is totally unreasonable, as it would not be possible to produce a good essay in that amount of time.

Customer service: Don’t expect any support customer service

I was really unhappy with the essay I received, so I wanted a refund. I used the contact number and email address, but I never got a reply so I started to feel like this was a scam. A legit service would have much better post-sales service. I’ve tried to login/sign in since I complained, but my account has never been refunded, and I’ve never received a response. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

I know how it feels to be desperate for help, but if I can advise other students of just one thing, it’s to trust this review and avoid this website at all costs, and find a service you can trust. While writing your own essays is free it’s just not always possible, and that’s when it’s time to find a reliable service – NOT EssaysMaster.

Rating: 3.5

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  1. I used this service twice and both times I was disappointed by its poor quality and unfair refund policy. I would like to advice all the companies to respect clients and remember that you get the income thanks to them!!
    The paper was 100% written by a non-native English speaker, I could write it better!!

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