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A lot of my classmates have consistently high grades, keep up with their sports teams, always make it to the gym, and have amazing social lives. I did not understand at all how these people had it so together when I was struggling to keep up with just my class schedule. I asked what the secret was, and was told that they use essay writing services. I felt like all my problems were solved and so I decided to sign up and make an account for

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LawTeacher – Rating 7.6

Table of contents

  1. Services: Subject specific
  2. Deadlines: From 2 days to a month
  3. Prices: Don’t expect a good deal
  4. Quality: Definitely not lawyers
  5. Customer service: Incredibly disappointing
  6. Conclusion

Services: Subject specific services

I felt safe trusting this website and assumed it was legit as it was specifically for law, as you’d expect from I felt like this meant the writers would be qualified and legit. They can write essays, theses, and dissertations, basically all the assignments a law student is expected to do over the course of their studies.

Deadlines: From 2 days to a month

If you can wait 28 days for a paper, then it will end up being cheaper, however if you need it quickly it can be done in 2 days. However, I don’t think that a 20,000 paper can be done well in the amount of time they offer to do it, which makes this kind of a scam.

Prices: Don’t expect a good deal prices

Like a lot of services that are specific to law or medical students, you can expect to pay above and beyond the normal prices. LawTeacher definitely takes advantage of this, and my 5000 word paper cost $887, and that was for a B grade – for an A it would have been $1774. There was no discount code or promotion available, I had to pay in full.

Quality: Definitely not lawyers

When I engaged the services of this website, I expected a really high quality paper, written by someone who has a clear knowledge of the law. This was not the case at all, and I think the advertising borders on illegal/legal. I don’t think that the paper was written by a professional, or even a native English speaker. I think the paper was plagiarised, and it was definitely old because all of the sources and case law were really dated.

Customer service: Incredibly disappointing customer service

As this was such an expensive paper, I was sure I’d get a refund once I showed them the quality of the paper I received. Unfortunately, despite trying the contact number and email address, I never received a refund, or any support at all. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

There are so many reasons to order an essay, but follow some free advice and take this review seriously – avoid When you login/sign in to an essay writing service you should be able to trust them implicitly, and that is just not the case here.

Rating: 3.8

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