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From time to time, students can get caught up and find themselves needing an essay fast. Trying to maintaining busy schedules and balancing social lives can be a difficult business, especially when an unexpected essay turns up with a deadline in only a couple of days. Due to this reoccurring problem, there a vast number of online writing solutions that have been set up to help you out when you need it most. Unfortunately, is far from being an honest and reliable service.

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Table of contents

  1. Services: Small range
  2. Prices: Sky high
  3. Quality: Not native English writers
  4. Customer service: No communication methods
  5. Conclusion

Services: Small range services

The first thing you’ll notice when logging on to EssaySamurai is the complete absence of a services page, or even a pricing page! The only way to find out what services the site offers is by beginning to make an order.

When on this list of services, there are roughly 20+ services which, in writing solution service terms, is a fairly limited list. Although a couple of the most popular paper types are mentioned, there is a distinct lack of key services as well as niche services meaning that this writing solution company may not be able to supply content to those who need it.

Prices: Sky high prices operates a bidding system in which writers of the site propose to your job request, allowing you to choose which writer you want based on price and reviews. Not only are the writers accounts obviously faked with fake names and false reviews, this bidding system means that the writers can charge whatever they want.

Like most sites that operating this bidding method, the prices for content are extortionate. A ten-page article of a Law topic, written by a native English speaker, proofreading and delivered within a week would set me back a breathtaking $403 minimum. This is completely outrageous and definitely wouldn’t be suitable for a student who is living on a budget.

Quality: Not native English writers

I went ahead and ordered the article. With price tags like the one mentioned above, you would automatically expect the content to be spot on and near perfect, maybe allowing a tiny margin of error. However, the article I received was absolutely appalling and was definitely not an article I could hand in.

There was absolutely no sentence or paragraph structure, thousands of spelling mistakes, wrong words, punctuation errors and the whole document was riddled with typos. Not only does this lead me to believe that the article was obviously not proofread, but also that the article was not written by a native English speaker and must have been written and translated using software.

Customer service: No communication methods customer service

Returning to the website to air my complaints, I quickly discovered the complete lack of communication methods with the company. There is no contact us page which means that me and other users have no access to an email address or even a phone number.

There is, however, a built-in live chat feature that is located on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. After numerous attempts and after numerous messages sent, I am still waiting for a reply from anybody, despite the operators going offline and back online repeatedly. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

In short, I highly recommend that students looking for a reliable and trustworthy writing solution site to see them through their college years are best off avoiding Essay Samurai at all costs. The pricing system is quite frankly ridiculous and the lack of customer service leads me to believe that this website is both a scam and operating illegitimately.
When looking for a writing website for you, you’ll be much better off sticking to the tried and tested websites that satisfy hundreds and thousands of users every single day.

Rating: 3.7

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