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Write My Paper IO Review

There is an extensive range of writing solutions websites set up to assist writers and students in completing their work, whatever reason they may need it. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which company to take your business to. In my quest to find the best, I gave WriteMyPaper.io a chance but, unfortunately, I was completely let down.

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WriteMyPaper – Rating 7.2

Table of contents

  1. Services: Very Limited Range
  2. Quality: Late Delivery and High Level of Plagiarism
  3. Customer Service: Unacceptable Assistance
  4. Guarantees: Unsuitable Refund Policy
  5. Conclusion

Services: Very Limited Range

Writemypaper.io services

At a first glance, the site seems to be well polished and set a high standard, especially when compared to other solution sites. To my surprise, this is just a well-designed mask for the poor service they provide. Firstly, the site only offers a limited five services, a far cry from other sites who can offer 50+. With five levels of writing and nine deadline options, there are already so many sites that offer so much more.

Quality: Late Delivery and High Level of Plagiarism

On the website, the prices don’t seem too bad. A four-page college essay will set you back around $54 but this price is reflected in the quality. In the test article, I ordered, which arrived four days late, the document was filled with unnecessary ‘filler’ content and didn’t actually cover any of the topics I requested. Most of the information given could have easily been found using a simple online search.

Writemypaper.io quality

When examining the document, I received and reasonably high 37% plagiarism match that would have certainly have got me kicked off my course. When reading the article, many of sentences simply didn’t make sense leading me to believe the writers are definitely not native English.

Customer Service: Unacceptable Assistance

Writemypaper.io customer support

I contacted customer support to claim my refund but the incredibly unhelpful member of staff simply ignored my request for a refund stating that I must have misread the document and that I must be wrong! Never again will I take my business such as WriteMyPaper.io to a company that offers such poor customer service!

Guarantees: Unsuitable Refund Policy

I took to the return policy page to view my rights and was honestly disgusted that the refund process would take over a week to complete and the maximum I could receive was 10% of the price I paid for lateness and in most cases, refunds are never issued as the writer is always paid first.

WriteMyPaper.io reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

In conclusion, Write My Paper has the capability to be a great writing solution website. All the framework is in place for a successful business but the company simply doesn’t deliver when it comes to quality and customer service, two of the most fundamental factors of running a business. If you’re looking for a high-quality writing solution that gives you the service you deserve, you’re much better off visiting one of the more respected writing solution websites.

Rating: 3.6

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  1. The prices seem high but not that bad, but unfortunately the quality of papers is not good at all 🙁 This was the biggest disappointment for me. The research paper I ordered missed citation, had lots of errors and the general tone was not academic at all.

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