Academized Review is one of those custom essay writing services that shot to the top of the market and has securely held its place, regardless of what competitive website tries to knock it from the top spot. As a student looking for a custom essay writing service, this is one of those websites you’ll find yourself recommended time and time again.

However, is there a reason for this prestigious top spot, or does everyone simply assume that it’s great? Is there actually a better service out there? Let’s explore the ins and outs of Academized in this review and find out the truth.

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Academized – Rating 9.6

Table of contents

  1. What is Academized?
  2. Does That Mean this is Expensive?
  3. How Can I Pay?
  4. Is the Content Acceptable?
  5. What If I Have a Question?
  6. The Bottom Line

What is Academized? website

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, or simply haven’t used a custom essay writing service before, you’ll need to be brought up to speed. Academized has always held a top-three place when it comes to review lists and feature sites. It’s even been featured by the likes of Huffington Post and other leading online publications.

Logging onto the website, you’ll find an informative, clean and easy to navigate layout where you can easily find everything you’re looking for. This is a refreshing touch to most custom essay writing services that have websites just cluttered with content.

Does That Mean this is Expensive? prices

Many students are actually surprised when it comes to finding out the cost of their assignment and expect a leading site to be one of the most expensive. However, this isn’t the case.

For example, let’s say you were ordering a five-page Essay, written to a College degree with a 7-day deadline. This would only set you back $82. So the prices are very affordable for students of all ages and academic level and can even be used as a regular service. There’s even what is known as the ‘Ultimate Discount’ where you can get 15% off your first order.

How Can I Pay? payment options

Fortunately, Academized loves putting its customers first. There are multiple and safe payment options available from using your standard credit or debit card, PayPal, or using an encrypted wire transfer system.

Is the Content Acceptable? writers

If you’ve shopped at any other custom essay writing services, you’ll be well aware of the fact that a low price usually means a low-quality essay at the end of it. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to Academized.

In fact, the website is home to shining reviews which can be found on their ‘Reviews’ page. To back up these reviews, we searched online to find some past customers on websites such as TrustPilot and the majority of the most recent reviews said the same thing. Of course, as a business who has served millions of customers, you’re bound to have a handful of customers who have a brand experience, but this is by far the least amount of negative reviews I’ve seen for a company of this caliber.

What If I Have a Question? customer service

If you’ve made your order and you’re looking to speak with someone about it, or simply had a question to ask before making your first order, there’s a vast range of communication options available to you.

On the contact page, you’ll find an info email address which is ideal for asking pre-sales questions as well as a phone number for making post-sales questions. There even a feedback email form for less urgent queries and a live chat feature on every page of the site where you can speak to both a pre-and post-sales specialist. reviewThe Bottom Line Gloria Kopp

After being available to customers around the world for years, it seems as though Academized has still focused on what’s important and kept the interests of their customers at the forefront of their minds. If you’re looking for a custom essay writing service for you, be sure to put Academized at the top of your list.

Rating: 4.8

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  1. I’m used to having to ask for edits on my essays, as they’re never quite right. I was surprised when I got my essay back with Academized and found I didn’t have to ask for any changes at all. The essay was just right, and I could hand it in right away.

  2. Awesome services! Everything was great with Academized – the prices, the quality, the deadlines! Thank you guys!

  3. Many services are more expensive than I’m happy paying for, so I was surprised to see how cheap Academized service was. Even though it was cheap, I got great writing for what I paid. This company really gets that students don’t have a lot of cash to play with, which is great.

  4. I felt like I was in safe hands with I was worried about what they could do with m essay, but the writer walked me through the entire process. They got it done and I didn’t have to worry about a thing in the end.

  5. Got an amazing essay, especially considering how much money I paid for it. Will come back when I need help again, as it was worth every penny.

  6. The essay I got from was exactly what I needed. The writers knew their stuff, they included all the information I asked for, and I got the marks I needed to pass. I’ll definitely come back when I need another essay.

  7. I’ve never come across writers who were so clever, and knew exactly what to do! It’s obvious that the writers here are selected carefully, and that shows in the writing they put out for customers.

  8. I was pleased to find that my writer from was a native English speaker. I’ve had bad experiences with other writing services in the past, and I was a bit wary ordering here. However, I’m glad I did as they helped me out with an essay when I was short on time.

  9. I asked Academized to help me with my dissertation. I’d been trying to put it together for a while, but laying it out was becoming a nightmare for me. In the end, the writers here managed to create something that really worked. Thank you for your help!

  10. I decided to test out the services before using it for my school work. I asked them to do an essay on the book 1984 by George Orwell. What I was given back was great. They really summarized the book and returned a great essay to me. By the time I finished reading the essay, I felt as if I had just read the actual book. I am very pleased.

  11. Excellent job to you guys. My paper needed a lot of online researches, texts and images, that I couldn’t execute myself with the deadline for submission. But Academized helped me out and delivered a work that is to my greatest satisfaction which fetched me an A.

  12. All round Professionalism. The job done for me was more than what I expected, the writers made the essay to be so interesting and easy to read. I’m delighted with your work guys. Please keep it up.

  13. I was drowning in assignments and I just wasn’t going to get them done in time. This service gave me what I needed to avoid being late, and get good marks. I’m so glad I went with you.

  14. I was recently sat in my university library while struggling to write my dissertation. I also have two part-time jobs and a tonne of other coursework to complete and simply didn’t have time for it all.
    This is why I decided to make an account with Academized, and I’m so glad I did!

  15. Academized’s customer service is one of the best I have encountered anywhere. Once when I had issues receiving my essay, they immediately rose to the task of finding my essay and kept sending me updates. After it was rectified, Academized sent me a standard apology even though it turned out to be my fault. They still did not hold that against me. Excellent customer service! Would recommend them all the time!

  16. This website is much more cheaper than others (yes, I’ve used a lot of them) and yet they provide a decent and student-friendly service. This is better than anything else I’ve tried in the past!

  17. Academized has provided a very VERY good essay for me that actually helped me a lot with my college admissions. I’m extremely satisfied and happy cheater! 😀

  18. well, i’ve been kinda skeptic about all the positive reviews and recommendations, but it actually worked out very well – the paper is delivered 2 days before the due date (selected 14 days urgency) and matched my requirements

  19. Got a recommendation by my real life friend and ex college mate about Academized, both were telling good things about quality and support, so I’ve decided to try and have to say that I liked it too: faster delivery (than some other service that I used last year), better communication with writer and support. Will come again for another research paper.

  20. The best service out there! I have been using it for a while now and they never disappoint. Always great work, always on time and accurate.

  21. The papers I got required only the tiniest bit of editing and probably because I opted for a cheaper writer. But the topics are always spot on and I always use this service. The prices are not so huge either, definitely competitive in this market. I also like the way the team is responsive and attentive.

  22. When I first stumbled upon this service, I believed that they would just be like everyone else – overpriced and poor in quality. Suffice to say that I was positively surprised. Good work. P.S. Big thumbs up to you Gloria for posting a legit Academized review!

  23. I was looking for some help with my essay and I came across Academized. I had never heard about them before, but after reading their reviews I decided to give them a try. My experience working with them was great! Their prices were affordable and they have professional writers who know how to deliver quality work. I am definitely going to order more papers from them.

  24. I was looking for a reliable company to write my essay for me and came across Academized, that was year and a half ago, never had to regret that decision after, using them till this day

  25. Had some doubts regarding this website, but decided to give it a try with a short and simple essay. They delivered on time and followed my instructions, so I will defo come back to order something more complicated when I’ll need help.

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