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With so many online writing solutions to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is right for you and can cater to your requirements. I came across fairly recently and was initially impressed with their simple and seemingly fully featured website and services list. However, these initial feelings were short lived when I discovered the service was riddled with poor content, terrible writers and abysmal customer service.

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EduGeeksClub – Rating 6.6

Table of contents

  1. Services: Mid-range selection
  2. Prices: Extortionate
  3. Quality: High levels of plagiarism
  4. Customer service: Useless methods of contact
  5. Conclusion

Services: Mid-range selection services

Firstly, the services list on EduGeeksClub doesn’t seem too bad. There are around 30+ papers to choose from but, compared to some of the leading sites who offer in the region of 50+, this is quite a poor selection, meaning that students looking for a site that covers all bases may want to look elsewhere.

Prices: Extortionate prices

To properly review the site, I made a test order of a 10-page essay. Unlike their competitors, you are initially unable to choose what level of education you would like the document written to and the selection of deadlines is quite frankly appealing. The minimum you can receive your document is two days, meaning any urgent requests cannot be fulfilled.

In terms of pricing, the ten-page essay would set me back a staggering £223, a long shot from the more affordable writing solution sites and that’s with the on the screen 15% discount offered!

Quality: High levels of plagiarism

Edu Geeks Club has got to be one of the worst writing solutions sites I have ever used. After receiving my essay, three days late, I instantly noticed the lack of native English, extremely poor sentence structure and spelling issues that were so obvious, it proved the document had in no way been proofread before being sent to me.

Furthermore, a plagiarism scan of the document returned an outstanding 61% match to content found online. This would have surely resulted in any student being kicked off of a course and a failed grade.

Customer service: Useless methods of contact customer service

Horrified with my experience, I took to the website to contact customer services. I started by heading straight to the ever annoyingly present live chat box that constantly invades your screen space but the operator seemed to be stuck on a loop of asking how they can help me. This suggests they are using a bot and the live chat feature is in fact useless.

The only other way to contact the company is by phone, so, I called the number and to my surprise, the recipient had no idea what I was talking about and suggested that I had the wrong number. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

To summarize, is one of the worst writing solutions websites I have ever used. Nothing can redeem the site for the absolutely terrible content that they produced or for the complete lack of customer service they ‘provide’. This leads me to suggest that the site is some kind of scam and should be avoided at all costs.

Rating: 3.3

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  1. I was not going to write a review here but I will. After I placed an order on Edugeeksclub website, paid $745 for my research paper, I got into my account to check if all order details were correct. The next day when I was not even contacted by service customer support, I decided to log in into my account to check messages folder. But unfortunately I couldn’t do that as obviously my account was deleted!! I paid my money and received no paper! And I still cannot contact edugeeksclub support nor via phone or email!!

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