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Update: Site has been redirected to says that they can give you the best deal on essays, while writing high-quality pieces. Can they really do that, or are they just another scam? Read this review to find out if you should use them.

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CraftMyEssay – Rating 6.6

Table of contents

  1. Services: Not enough choice
  2. Quality: Plagiarized work
  3. Prices: Cheap but low quality
  4. Deadlines: Slower than expected
  5. Customer service: Hard to get what I needede
  6. Conclusion

Services: Not enough choice services

If you need an essay, the CraftMyEssay website can help. They can handle anything from high school up to university standard essays. However, it does seem as though that’s all they do. Other services can offer presentations, proofreading, and even resumes. Why can’t they do that? If you need a different writing service, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

Quality: Plagiarized work

I made sure to sign up and placed an order to see if the writers could deliver the quality they promised. What I got back was pretty terrible. The writing was sloppy and clearly rushed. In some sections, I could see that the information used was plagiarised. This is borderline illegal/legal, and you shouldn’t put up with this from any writing service.

Prices: Cheap but low quality prices

I paid $24.39 USD for my sample essay, which didn’t include any promotion code or discount. The price itself is quite cheap, but it’s not worth making sure you log in/sign in for. The writing wasn’t good enough and you can get much better writing elsewhere for that kind of money.

Deadlines: Slower than expected

I ordered my essay with about ten days to spare before my deadline, to see how quickly they could deliver. I’ve had other services come back to me quickly, but this one took almost the full ten days to write my essay. If you want a safe company who’ll have the work for you on time, Craft My Essay won’t be the one for you.

Customer service: Hard to get what I needed customer service

There are lots of ways you can get in touch with if you need help. There are free options, such as live chat, or a helpful contact number if you want to talk. I tested it by asking for a refund on my order. It turns out there’s a lot of fine print on that ‘100% money back guarantee’ that I didn’t see. I got my money back, but it was a struggle. They just didn’t seem to want to help me. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

If you need support with an essay, I can’t recommend CraftMyEssay. The writing was poor, they were slow to deliver, and the customer support was less than impressive. There’s a lot more companies out there who can give you a legit service, for the same price. I recommend checking out other reviews, and avoiding this company altogether.

Rating: 3.3

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  1. This website sucks! /! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM /!

    Poor quality writing (sometimes not even understandable) and very expensive! On top of this my writer never replied to me, not even once.

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