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Most college students can relate to being overworked at certain times of the year. It doesn’t matter how much you prefer, when deadlines all fall in the same week, you just get stuck. I decided to try out after some friends recommended essay writing services.

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Table of contents

  1. Services: Ambitious topics, badly done
  2. Quality: Misleading to say ‘expert’
  3. Prices: Don’t know what I paid for
  4. Deadlines: Cannot trust your ‘expert’
  5. Customer service: Don’t believe their website
  6. Conclusion

Services: Ambitious topics, badly done services

Assignment Expert offers help with a bunch of science and maths subjects, including options like nuclear physics, biochemistry, or C++ programming. There’s a huge list of options, but the truth is they’d need to have hundreds of staff if they were really going to offer experts on all these subjects, instead they have a few employees with basic knowledge of lots of subjects. I didn’t consider this when I decided to sign up and make an account, but looking back it was clearly not legit, or safe to trust these ’experts.’

Quality: Misleading to say ‘expert’ quality

When I received my order, I realized there was no way it had been written by a physics expert. A lot of the content looked copied and pasted, the results were dated, and the written parts were in such poor English that I don’t think my expert was a native speaker. The writers and experts here seem to re-use old work and just change aspects for your assignment, which made me nervous about plagiarism. I think this is a scam, you’re not paying for an expert at all, the advertising probably borders illegal/legal.

Prices: Don’t know what I paid for prices

I had to login/sign in just to get a free quote. I had no idea what normal prices were and there was no clear list for criteria. They also didn’t ask for a word count, so they clearly don’t use normal criteria. There was no promotion code or discount I could find, so I just had to go with the quote I was sent, which I felt was pretty high, but had nothing to compare it to, so I had no idea if it was a good deal or not.

Deadlines: Cannot trust your ‘expert’

You can choose your deadline, which I think affects the price, but really you’re just hoping your expert sticks to the due date. They offer to do work in a really short turnaround, which makes me wary as work done so quickly can only be poor quality.

Customer service: Don’t believe their website

The website says you are guaranteed a refund if you’re not happy – but I never got one despite being dissatisfied. The contact numbers and support from live chat and email was also useless and not at all helpful when I wanted to complain. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

I’m sure there are some awesome and trustworthy essay and assignment writing services available, but I wanted to write this review to make sure students are aware that AssignmentExpert is not a site they can trust.

Rating: 3.6

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