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Faced with impending deadlines and a crushing workload, I made the decision many students face today, and decided to hire a writing service for one of my assignments. I’m doing my Bachelors, and stumbled upon which seemed to be an expert service and offered to write essays all the way up to PhD level – so I figured my little Bachelors assignment would be no problem for the so-called experts they claim to employ.
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Acad-Write – Rating 6.2

Table of contents

  1. Quality – 6/10
  2. Prices and Discounts – 5/10
  3. Customer Service – 8/10
  4. Conclusion

Quality – 6/10 quality

I ended up in a worse position than I had been – there was no way I could hand in the work they produced. The quality was poor, my brief had been largely ignored, and the bulk of the essay was just padding around one or two poorly referenced points. At this point, I still had to do my assignment, but I had also lost out on my cash in the process, and I had less time than before as I’d received the work 2 days later than expected.

Prices and Discounts – 5/10 prices

I’d heard Acad-Write offered discounts and promotion codes for new clients, though this wasn’t the case. My 5-page literature essay cost $400. Plus, this was just for a term paper, had I been looking for a dissertation or thesis, the costs would have increased, and there were extra charges for harder subjects like law or medicine too – some quotes coming out at over $10,000. Anyone wanting an essay written in another language could also expect costs to increase. They really take advantage of the students who are the most desperate for help, those doing the hardest subjects in other languages.

While throwing the word ‘scam’ around online is all too easy, I’m really not sure that this service is illegal/legal, as for the prices they charge, their writers are appalling. I was unable to get a refund for a piece of work I paid for, which is something I apparently agreed to in the small print during my initial sign up. Even with a discount code, this would be a terrible deal, as this is just not a legit option for anyone who expects a decent piece of writing.

Customer Service – 8/10 customer service

While their website looks professional and it was easy to use initially, once you login/sign with a problem, all of that professional veneer just disappears. Nobody answers the phone numbers provided, and there´s no support for complaints at all. While they apparently have offices around the world, I can only assume they’re empty as it was impossible to receive any help. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

I haven’t hesitated in cancelling my account with AcadWrite and felt obliged to share my terrible experience in a review, maybe keeping someone else safe from the mistake I made. Avoid high prices, poor quality writing, and terrible customer service by avoiding Acad Write. Whether people are able to find the time to write their own papers, or simply choose another writing service is up to them, all I can give is the free advice to stay away from at all costs.

Rating: 3.1

2 Comments Posted

  1. Although the woman from customer service was very polite, the company missed all the deadlines and provided a simply written essay..

  2. Honestly, stay away from Acad Write. Their authors are extremely bad, the quality of the texts you get from them are just bad. The text was I got was so bad, even i would have made something better in 1 minute. The author I got didnt even understand the basics of scientific work, nothing (citation, etc.).
    This agency promises a lot, lots of text on their website, but what you get is nothing. The sample texts that supposedly wrote their authors are not even remotely what you get in reality from those, these pattern texts certainly have not written the authors. Even if the order goes wrong and you fail because the author is extremely bad and writes as bad as a 5 year old, no compensation for the damage. The only thing I’ve achieved through Acad Write is wasted time and wasted money.
    No effort in there, promise a lot before the cooperation, a lot of advertising, but what comes out at the end ….. They already want to have 2/3 of the total pay for only 1/3 of the work, and what if that 1/3 of the total work is bad? Bad luck, no money back.
    If you tell that you are great and want to do so much money for doing nothing, then you should do your job properly, if you can not do something, then you should keep your hands off it. And that’s exactly what Acad Write should do, keep your hands off the scientific writing
    Look for something better!

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