11 online courses students learn WordPress

11 Online Courses for Students to Learn About WordPress

If you are interested in creating your own website then starting it with WordPress is the best and easy way. When you search for a WordPress tutorial, the search engine will provide you many options to choose from. To shorten your burden of searching the best online course, here we have listed some popular and detailed resources to learn WordPress at.

1. Lynda
Lynda is the most popular online learning platform for users of every level – basic, intermediate, expert. It provides updated video course and transcripts of video tutorials. The best feature is that after payment you can watch the course on any devices; it keeps a track of your progress and at the end, it provides you with a certificate.
You will learn how to create the website, learn to build themes from scratch, create plugins using PHP, create the e-commerce site with WooCommerce plugins, content marketing and much more. Besides WordPress, Lynda brings courses about web development, graphic design, photography, marketing and business.

2. Team Treehouse
Team Treehouse provides about 1000 video tutorials by different experts. To access a full course, you have to pay for it. Unlike other learning websites, it provides a workspace to let you practice what you have learned: you can earn badges after each quiz and code challenge. This feature will help you to track your performance. If you have any trouble, you can share it on student forums and solve your problem. The best thing about Treehouse is that you can easily download tutorials from iTunes and learn them offline. It facilitates user to access course at anytime from anywhere using a smartphone.
The Beginners course includes WordPress Template Hierarchy, PHP for WordPress, SEO for WordPress, WordPress Basics, etc. You can visit its website for full course detail.

3. Udemy
Udemy is an open platform so anyone can upload their tutorials to it. If you search for a WordPress course in the search box, you can see both paid and free videos from different lecturers. You can evaluate the best course, as the user provides the rating for each video.
It covers WordPress courses on the following basics: WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, WordPress e-commerce and WooCommerce.

4. WP101
WP101 provides a high quality education from the very basic to an advanced course in WordPress. As the name suggests, it is fully a WordPress based tutorial site. It has a forum where you can share your problem with other students and discuss it with them. You can either pay for a course or become a member.

5. WordPress Codex
WordPress Codex is a free information and documentation website introduced by WordPress.org. You can join the WordPress community and share your ideas for further WordPress development. If you love to read and practice on your own, then this place is the best choice for you.

6. WordPress.tv
WordPress.tv is a website full of resources about WordPress. It is the place where you can find all the presentations and videos of various WordCamps. So, if you wish to stay up-to-date with all new features and discussions about WordPress you can choose this site in your option.

7. Envato tuts+
Envato tuts+ offers many tutorials on such topics as JavaScript, Web development, PHP, Ruby and others. It provides WordPress courses with the intention of covering every topic that helps beginner and professional users. Each tutorial lasts for about 1-2 hours.
Beginners can start their tour to understand WordPress Template hierarchy to create their own Theme. And professionals will learn new skills for their ongoing projects. You can join its community and ask any problems in its forum. The best feature of this tutorial website is that after you pay for your membership you can have full access to any courses it offers.

8. WPBeginner By Awesome Motive Inc.
WPBeginner is the best place to find free tutorials, tips & tricks for all WordPress lovers. Its resources are easily understandable by any non-geek and are available after subscription.
Anyone with enthusiasm to start their career as a WordPress Developer can learn WordPress from this site for free. Although it’s aimed to guide the novice, it also provides tutorials for the intermediate users to further develop their skills.

9. Bob WP
Bob WP is a true WordPress tutorial site hosted by WordPress trainers Bob Dunn and Judy Lee Dunn. You can find many podcasts and contents on WordPress which are targeted for both personal and e-commerce websites. It provides WordPress courses on Plugins and Widgets, Themes, SEO, Social Media, and Security. And the best part is that all resources on this site are free.
You can easily contact Bob if you have any trouble in any topic of WordPress and he’ll surely help you.

10. BlogAid
Stop wandering here and there if you are searching for the best WordPress tutorial in just a few cents. WordPress expert MaAnna at BlogAid will guide you to your successful WordPress tour. It provides blogs, video tutorials and live classes as its resources. You will be trained with some basic WordPress topics in the beginning course. To make you a WordPress expert, it will also provide courses on SEO, online marketing, MailChimp, security, and performance of the website.

11. WP Apprentice
This one is intended for both technical and non-technical users. Whether you want to create your first website or manage your existing one, this site provides you with the full tutorial relating to the niche topic. To initiate your WordPress journey, you can take the WP Quick Start course which is free and pay later for an advanced course if you think it is the right place for you. You’ll be familiar with the basic of WordPress in the free course. It covers from the installation of WordPress to create a theme and create a new page/post. It helps business owners to develop their own e-commerce site on their own with step-by-step tutorials.

Whether you are from a technical field or non-technical field, it doesn’t matter till you stand-up with your interest. Do not hesitate to try these online WordPress courses and kick-off your website.

About the Author: Amin is an enthusiast writer, WordPress developer and a digital marketer. He is a senior SEO consultant at WP Creative who loves to write about SEO on his personal blog – SEO Nerdy.

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