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Writers Per Hour Review

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5.0 rating
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The WritersPerHour.com service promises that it can write legit papers for you, as soon as you need them. For students on a deadline, that sounds promising. Can they deliver on those promises, or will they turn out to be another scam? This review will investigate.

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WritersPerHour – Rating 6.8

Table of contents

  1. Services: Lacking services that others offer
  2. Quality of writers: Plagiarized essay
  3. Prices: Too high for what you get
  4. Deadlines: Cutting it close
  5. Customer service: Difficult communications
  6. Conclusion

Services: Lacking services that others offer

WritersPerHour.com services

You can get all kinds of writing services from WritersPerHour. There’s the average essay, as well as lab reports, presentations, and more. You can have your work edited, too. There are no extra services that other sites are offering though, such as resume writing. For many students, that could be a deal breaker.

Quality of writers: Plagiarized essay

I made an account and made sure to sign up so I could place an order. When I got my essay back, I was dismayed to find that large sections had been plagiarized. This is bordering on the illegal/legal, and there’s no way I could have used it at the university. This is something you shouldn’t put up with.

Prices: Too high for what you get

WritersPerHour.com prices

I paid for a 2-page undergraduate level essay, to be delivered within 14 days. For this, I paid $37.98. If you want a discount, you can get extra services with the promotion code PAPER15. This price was rather steep for what I got with them. I feel you could get a better deal elsewhere.

Deadlines: Cutting it close

When you log in/sign in to the Writersperhour.com site, it says that their writers always deliver promptly. I found, instead, that my essay really came down to the wire. This would be a real problem if you were up against it on your own deadlines. After all, students don’t need any more stress in their lives. I thought that it could have been delivered much earlier.

Customer service: Difficult communications

WritersPerHour.com customer support

I decided to test out the customer service, as I needed a refund on my paper. There’s a support number to contact them on, as well as free options such as online forms and social media. I found that communication was difficult, and the refund policies weren’t as clear as they should be. This isn’t great, as you need communications with your customer service team to go smoothly.

WritersPerHour.com reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

I don’t feel that it’s safe to sign up with Writers Per Hour, based on my experiences. The essay they sent wasn’t any near good enough to use, and so was just a waste of money. It was possible to get the refund, but it was difficult. Instead, use a better reviewed service. You’ll get a better essay, for a better price too. Don’t waste your cash.

Rating: 3.4

3 Comments Posted

  1. Unfortunately I cannot rate WritersPerHour writing services as I didn’t even get my paper and refund. The overall communication with company’s support was good, until the moment I got my essay.

  2. I used this service a while ago for my thesis.
    And I need to say that I am really disappointed with the outcome.

    I asked for a result and discussion chapters and especially the results chapter is disastrous.
    I specifically asked for SPSS usage but thats done limited.
    No correalations, no T- testing to compare variables, no standard deviations

    For the amount of money I paid I expected a lot more…..

    Won’t use your service again.

  3. The writing quality is absolutely awful. Tense and grammar errors, citation errors, and redundant information throughout the paper. I would never submit this paper. Way too much money for what you get.

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