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If you’re a student who’s struggling with their essays and assignments, then you’ve come to the right place. claims to be able to help you complete your academic writing tasks for a competitive price while providing ‘outstanding’ customer support.

However, as a student on a limited budget, you’ll need to make sure that you’re spending your money in the right places. Here to ensure that you’re making the right decisions, let’s explore in this InstantAssignmentHelp review what makes this service tick.

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InstantAssignmentHelp – Rating 4.0

Table of contents

  1. Services – 3/10
  2. Pricing – 5/10
  3. Content Quality – 4/10
  4. Customer Support – 4/10
  5. Conclusion

Services – 3/10 services

Using either the dedicated services page or the order form on the InstantAssignmentHelp homepage, you can find out whether the website will cover the service you require. Within this list, you’ll find a collection of around 30 services, covering all the basics from essays and reviews to dissertations and thesis.

While you’ll probably find what you’re looking for, it’s worth noting that the leading services can provide at least 50 services which may mean that you find the service more suitable for you.

Pricing – 5/10 prices

You can work out the pricing for your content using the pricing page or the price calculator on the homepage of Instant Assignment Help. To give you a rough idea of what the prices are like;

A ten-page essay written to a ‘guaranteed’ First Class mark with a three-day deadline will set you back around $391. However, this is subject to a 25% discount which means the final price is $293. However, this is still an extortionate amount of money and students will struggle to justify this kind of spending.

Content Quality – 4/10

There’s no dedicated testimonials or review page to be found on the website, only a slider near the bottom of the homepage. However, the reviews found in this slider are incomprehensive and don’t provide much, if any, information on the service that was provided.

There are also no dates for these reviews which means they could, in theory, be years out of date and no longer representative of the service. Searching online, I found a tonne of mixed reviews where some of the most common problems included high levels of plagiarism, many typos, non-native-English speaking writers and poorly researched content.

Customer Support – 4/10 customer support

The support that you’ll get from the website is outstanding. When you first sign on the website, you’ll be given the option to choose where you’re from, and then the contact methods will be tailored to where you are.

You’ll find phone numbers, email addresses, live chat features and much more. This should be enough methods that you need to answer all your pre and post-sales questions. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

Despite the outstanding customer support that the offers, this simply cannot make up for the high prices and inconsistent quality of the content that the website provides. With all this in mind, I highly recommend taking your business to a more reputable custom essay writing service.

Rating: 2.3

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