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As the name of this writing solution website suggests, this is one business that isn’t taking the writing solutions industry seriously. As you’ll quickly discover by logging on to the site, a poorly designed website, sky-high prices and completely abysmal service is all you when find when heading over to

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Table of contents

  1. Services: Poor choices available
  2. Prices: Awful bidding system
  3. Quality: Riddled with errors
  4. Customer Service: Fake live chat system
  5. Conclusion

Services: Poor choices available services

When heading other to the ordering page to place an order, you’ll be quick to notice the complete lack of services on offer. Despite offering some of the key papers such as essays and articles, some of the leading websites in this industry offer 50+ services, meaning that students look for a solution that covers all the bases are better off going to them.

Prices: Awful bidding system prices

One of the worse things about the poor writing solution providers is sites that use the bidding payment system. Although some of the leading sites use this system very effectively, poor quality sites, such as BlaBlaWriting, has meant that writers, with obviously fake names, can charge whatever they like, which as resulted in extortionate prices that lead me to believe this site is a scam.

I ordered a ten-page Maths essay, written to a college degree level with a three-day deadline and my average quote was around $400. This is simply unacceptable, seeing as though leading sites in the market offer great content, faster turnaround times for half the price.

Quality: Riddled with errors

Unfortunately, I persisted with the $400 essay, expecting the content to be outstanding. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. The essay was poorly written, lacked any kind of sentence structure and failed to include any of the important information I had requested to be included.

In short, I had just paid $400 for ten pages of worthless filler content that was definitely not suitable for any kind of submission in any kind of educational institute.

Customer Service: Fake live chat system customer service

Angry about the essay I had received, I took to the website to hunt down the customer service options. To my surprise, I discovered the site had a complete lack of options. There was no email address, no phone number and not even a social media page for the business. Unsurprising seeing as though the quality of the content is sending out is dire.

There is, however, a live chat option but after hours of pending requests, I still have yet to speak to a member of staff who can help me request a refund or a replacement. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

To conclude, Bla Bla Writing does what it says on the tin. With non-engaging and quite frankly, useless content that would fail to pass a high school submission, this is one writing solution website students are best off avoiding. Complimented by its obviously rigged bidding system and awful selection of writers, this has to lead me to believe that is a scam and is operating illegitimately and therefore should be avoided at all costs.

Rating: 3.6

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  1. I signed up in March, 1st of all the essays are horribly written and many of the topics needed the search comes up blank. I was simply looking for some ideas and help getting started. This was a complete waste of time as well as money!!! I sent an email and requested to cancel my subscription as it instructs you to do on their website. Well that was a waste of time. Fast forward 3 months. I just checked my account and they have charged me again and after further review of my account, I realized my subscription was NEVER cancelled. I have sent multiple emails and have yet to hear back from anyone. DONT DO IT!!! WHATEVER YOU DO DONT SIGN UP WITH BLA BLA WRITING! The work/essays are shitty and they don’t even have the decency to communicate with their consumers.

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