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Essay Sample: Dieting Makes People Fat

As doctors will confirm, a lot of people find themselves gaining weight when they go on a diet, or find the numbers on the scales increasing at shocking numbers when they come off a diet. Experts have provided numerous reasons for this phenomenon, many of which are very understandable.

Dieting Is a Mental and Emotional Exercise

For many people, being overweight isn’t simply a physical problem, it is intrinsically linked to their mental and emotional health. Until you’re aware of what is causing you to overeat – which could be anything: as comfort, a reward, or even self-sabotaging your appearance due to low self esteem, then your diet is doomed to fail. Some people will feel low because of their weight, and actually be scared and feel undeserving of a fit and healthy body, and thus self-sabotage. Establishing what triggers unhealthy eating is more important than making a low-carb meal plan.

There is also the fact that we go ‘on’ a diet, and so are mentally on some route with rules and regulations, which when ‘off’ we don’t have to abide by. This is dangerous, as it means that many people give up and massively overeat or binge after making one small slip up in their diet. Being so strict means you feel like a failure when something doesn’t go quite to plan, and this can lead to eating more than normal, and so gaining weight.

Your Metabolism Will Stop

And when your metabolism stops, you don’t lose weight. By limiting the carbs or calories you consume every day, you may end up shocking your system, which will enter starvation mode and store all of the food you do eat rather than burning off. Your diet should be balanced, in order for your body to process foods as it should, otherwise you could find yourself gaining a few pounds as your body is hanging on to all the energy it gets. There’s also a problem with some well-known diet plans creating lists of foods that can be consumed in unlimited quantities – which basically promotes overeating. Even healthy foods, when consumed in copious amounts, can result in weight gain, so you might have stuck to a diet to the letter, and still failed to see the results you wanted. And, once you start eating normal food again, the weight will pile back on. These strict diets are not sustainable long term.

‘Diet’ Foods are So Bad For You

People seriously looking to lose weight should look for organic meat, as its full of the nutrients they need to stay full, and will stop any later cravings. However beyond looking for high quality organic produce, there are no magic, miracle foods. Anything labelled ‘diet’ or ‘sugar free’ is normally jam-packed full of really harmful substances like MSG that can actually make you gain weight, and could contribute to health problems. And while diet pills may seem tempting, some contain carcinogenics, and make you incontinent, therefore they can’t be used long term, and once you stop taking them, you can end up gaining back all the weight you lost and more.

Taking a healthy attitude to food, choosing natural ingredients, and healthy portion sizes will provide a sustainable weight loss that won’t affect your day to day life, or result in regaining the weight quickly.

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  1. Can you please add textual evidence to prove this information is accurate? I’m doing an argumentative essay and these are my EXACT points but I can’t find literally anything to back up my thoughts.

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