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Is really as dope as they say they are? When you want to hire an essay-writing service, you want to know they’ll give you the best. I went to check it out so I could let you have the real dope on this particular essay-writing service.

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Dopessays – Rating 3.3

Table of contents

  1. Services – 5/10
  2. Pricing – 3/10
  3. Content Quality – 2/10
  4. Customer Service – 3/10
  5. Conclusion

Services – 5/10 services

Dopessays just offer three kinds of services: essays, PowerPoint presentations, and research papers, at education levels all the way from high school to PhD level. This is a very narrow range of services considering that most similar sites offer up to fifty different kinds of services. There are also no services whatsoever for businesses; everything is for students only, making it impossible for you to graduate and then carry on using the site when you start work.

Pricing – 3/10 prices

Dop essays’ pricing can be found on their Order Now page. I priced up a five-page essay at college sophomore level, double-space, cited according to the Chicago format, with a deadline of two days, and it came to $90.00, which is roughly on a par with other similar sites. The site accepts Paypal only.

The quote form also has a field to enter in assignment details, a way to request a number of sources, and the ability to attach two uploads to your request. They ask for your email address to send the final essay to and a phone number for urgent requests. They also have a space to enter in discount codes, but I didn’t see any promotions on the site itself.

Content Quality – 2/10

The site confirms they will offer a free plagiarism report, along with a free grammar and editor’s report. They don’t have any testimonials on their site, but when I searched Google for reviews, I did find several reviews, some very positive, and some that were mixed.

I also checked out the samples page on the site and found quite a few typos in the samples provided which the grammar reports hadn’t caught. Also, the samples were from quite short research papers, and they didn’t seem to be particularly in-depth or specialist. It seemed to me that some of the work might be done by English speakers who weren’t native.

Customer Service – 3/10 customer service

Dopessays have a live chat system (which sometimes is offline), a Contact Us form, and a support email address, though no support phone number. They are based in the United States. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

The straight dope is basically this: offer a limited range of services, their customer service isn’t 24/7, and their work appears to be hit-and-miss. I personally would want to choose a service that could offer me a lot more than, and which would be there for me night and day.

Rating: 1.7

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