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BoomEssays has consistently been ranked as one of the top essay writing services by its users, so I just had to see what all of the hype was about. My expectations were high, given the rave reviews I had seen and heard online, and I was not disappointed. Coming through with an extraordinarily written paper, Boom Essays exceeded all of the expectations I had set for the quality of writing and service I was anticipating. – Rating 9.7

Table of contents

  1. What’s the online buzz about Boom Essays?
  2. Paying for quality
  3. My options for payment
  4. What I could expect and be guaranteed
  5. Superior level of writing
  6. Customer support availability
  7. All the extras
  8. Customers reviews
  9. Summary

What’s the online buzz about Boom Essays?

Jumping into the market in 2008, has always maintained a stellar reputation. They’ve made their mark in the social media world, gathering many followers, and have been featured in such outlets as Huffingtonpost and Engadget, among others. Navigating through their website to find and order exactly what I wanted was simple and straightforward. An easy to follow dropdown menu made specifying the details of my order easy and fast.

Paying for quality

I was pleasantly surprised by the total I was given for the paper I had ordered. For what I thought was a quite complex 10 page Master’s thesis on the topic of architecture, written by a US writer, I was quoted less than $220. That seemed like an extremely reasonable price to have a professional essay writer write my essay for me. And, even better, as a first time user, I received a discount of 15% off of that price. Regular users can receive anywhere from a 5-15% discount, depending on how many pages they order.

Included in the cost of my essay, I had the opportunity to make unlimited changes, got a bibliography of the sources that were used, a plagiarism report and more.

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My options for payment

Paying was easy, and I had my choice of using my credit card, PayPal or wire transfer the money directly. It all depended on what the best option for me was.

What I could expect and be guaranteed

I had heard such great BoomEssays reviews from others, so I wasn’t too worried about the final product I’d receive. But, I always like to know what the conditions are of a service I’m purchasing. For their essay writing services, proofreading, PowerPoint presentation creation and any other service offered, Boom Essays wants you to be completely satisfied with the final product you receive. Because of this, they offer the right to request reimbursement in instances where the customer does not feel that the service requested was not properly rendered.

Superior level of writing

Of course, because of the great essay writing service reviews I had read, I knew I would be getting a professional sounding, well-written essay. It was arguably a tough topic that I had requested, at a high level of writing and comprehension, but I had confidence that the writer assigned to my project could get the job done. And, I was not disappointed when I received my final product – three days before the deadline I had requested, nonetheless. It was clearly written by a native speaker, living in the United States, who had impeccable language and vocabulary. For anyone wanting to see for themselves, samples can be found on their website, along with the details and a quote for a project with similar specifications.

Help is always available

No matter what time of the day or night – or if you’re looking for help on a holiday – there’s always someone available to help at Boom Essays. I discovered this for myself late one night when I needed to find the answer to a question that was keeping me awake. I jumped on their website to look for a phone number I could call in the morning but instead saw the green ‘Chat’ button on the side of my screen. To my surprise, when I clicked on it, someone answered! I got the answer I was looking for, so I could get back to sleep. And, for future questions, I had their email address, or their toll-free number 1-888-205-0496.

All the extras

Information is abundant on Boom Essays, and their blog section is loaded with all sorts of valuable tips, infographics and essays that you can use to educate yourself and improve your writing skills. If you want to read for yourself the experiences that past users have had with Boom Essays, head on over to the testimonials page. You’ll get a good feel for why I was so excited to test out their services.

Boom Essays regularly holds writing contests, so if you’re up for a challenge, keep your eyes open for any upcoming contests that you’ll be able to enter.

Customers reviews

Linda – College Essay, Undergraduate, Austin, TX

I’ve used a few different essay writing services in the past, but from now on I’ll be sticking with I’m so happy with how they handled my work and gave me an essay that was perfect. I was given a writer quickly, who talked to me about what I needed. She wanted to make sure that my essay was exactly what I asked for, and I was grateful that she took the time to do that.

Nancy – History Essay, Sophomore, San Diego, CA

I’m really impressed with the service I got from BoomEssays. I’ve been trying out a few different writing companies, and I think this one is the best one I’ve worked with. The staff really care about getting you the best writing possible. They’ll match you with a writer that has experience in your subject, so they’ll really know what they’re talking about in your essay. They’ll even talk with you the whole time they’re writing, just to make sure they’re giving you what you need. The essay I got was just what I needed, and I’ll come back when I need them again.

Christopher – Research Paper, Junior, New York, NY

I’ve been struggling to keep up with my assignments for a while, because I work almost full time on top of studying. There’s just never enough time to get everything done. Luckily, Boom Essays has had my back for about a year now. They’ll do the research papers for me so I don’t have to. Even when I’ve been on short notice and had to ask them to handle a research paper quickly, they’ve always had it done on time. I can’t thank them enough for helping me get my life and study back in order.

Benjamin – Business Essay, Masters, Seattle, WA

I’d recommend BoomEssays to anyone who needs good writing in a hurry. I had less than 24 hours to get my essay done, but they managed it. I have no idea how they did it, but the results were amazing.

Earl – English Essay, High School, Chicago, IL

I’m so pleased with the essay I bought here. I wasn’t sure what the service was going to be like, but I can confirm it was the first rate. I’ll never buy from another company again. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

Overall, I was delighted with the final product I received and the customer service that was available to me. Although, since I had done my homework about Boom Essays, and had read such great reviews, I anticipated that I would have a great experience from the start.

Rating: 4.9

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boomessays review

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  1. What a find. I’ve enjoyed working with writers from boomessays, they seemed to be professional and responsive. Hope this company will provide its services for a long time.

  2. Thanks again to this incredible site! After I had messed up my order on the order form, I contacted the customer support team who tirelessly worked to correct my error! Can’t fault the team who made my experience one of the best yet! Would highly recommend this site to any need a high-quality, fast service!

  3. The essay I ordered was perfect for what I needed. The writer at Boom Essays really understood what I’d need from them, and talked to me throughout the writing process. I’ll come here again.

  4. I had too many essays all at once, and I didn’t have the time to get them all done. The writers here wrote them for me on time, meaning I didn’t miss any of my deadlines!

  5. I only had a couple of days before my essay was due, but that wasn’t a problem. I had a great essay written for me in just a few hours!

  6. I needed an essay in a hurry and was able to get it to me right away. I’m so happy with what I got. Thank you for this valuable review! It helped me to find the best service.

  7. What I loved about this company is that you could pick the writer you use. You can read through all their details, and even look at examples of their work. That meant I could pick the writer I thought would work best with my subject matter. Having this amount of control over the process put my mind at rest, and I’ll certainly come back when I need another essay written.

  8. The essays are always of good quality. Boom Essays has very professional writers. I would definitely work with them again.

  9. At the start of my college, I was really confused and I couldn’t meet all of the requirements when it came to tests, studying and essays on top of it all. But then I searched and found Boom Essays. I didn’t expect much but now I’ve been working with them for more than four years and it’s always a pleasure. I turn all of my papers to them and they always deliver. I’ve worked with many writers in all of those years and they’ve all been great and very good at doing their job. I like my current writer the most since she always listens to me, answers all of my questions any time and she works with me until she gets what I need completely. I like Boom Essays for their support team too. Over time, I made several comments on what could be improved and they always did. I’m very grateful to have such a great team on my side. Boom Essays is also very affordable, even if you go for the best writer like I did. No overpriced BS, just top quality help for anyone who needs it.

  10. Demands of my professors are very strict and very high. You can understand if you’re a student too. Boomessays helps every time and I get an A or a B even with the harshest professors. So, I really recommend this service.

  11. I love this service. I tried so many before and they were either expensive or scammy and shady. Now I have my main essay provider. I have so much free time now and they have really made everything better.

  12. I have already bought my essay several times and it was great. The process is really simple, the communication seamless and I’m really happy with what I got so far. There’s still some room for improvement but this is definitely one of the best services out there.

  13. I have always been looking for essay services where I could get my assignments done properly. I mean, who wants to spend their time doing something boring? After reading some Boom Essays reviews online, I thought that it seems like a reliable website that would write me the papers I need. So I placed my order, and after two days, I received an email saying that my 8 pages paper was ready. I was really impressed with the professionalism of the writers, and I’m glad I chose to buy my papers here. Thanks to these guys, now I don’t need to worry about spending time trying to write my own paper.

  14. I got a really good deal on the paper, and it was delivered just how they said it would be. My professor even commented on how well structured it was 🙂 I am definitely going to use them again if I need any more papers done.

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