Aussie Essay Writer AU Review say they have high-quality writers who can write you the best essays around. There’s been many a website that’s said that, then turned out to be another illegal/legal scam. Can you trust them? This review finds out.

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AussieEssayWriter – Rating 6.2

Table of contents

  1. Services
  2. Quality
  3. Prices
  4. Deadlines
  5. Customer service
  6. Conclusion

Services: 3/10 services

Whatever you want to order, it looks like Aussie Essay Writer can provide it for you. You can get movie reviews, essays, reports, editing, and all kinds of other services on there. It’s good that they offer a wide array of services, but it is a concern that maybe not all of their writers can handle these tasks.

Quality: 2/10

When you login/sign in to your account, you want to know you’re getting good quality writing. Judging by past customer reviews, the opinion is divided here. Some students say they got excellent essays that they could use right away. Others said they were given resold essays, that didn’t really answer the assignment given to them. Obviously, if this is still happening, it will be a problem.

Prices: 4/10 prices

The average essay ordered with a writing service is a 2-page undergraduate essay, to be written within 10 days. With Aussie Essay Writer, that’s going to cost you $50.96. That is quite steep, compared to some other writing services. Many sites offer a first-time buyer promotion code or discount deal, but there wasn’t one to be seen here. Sadly, that means you can’t even get the cost of the essay down.

Deadlines: 4/10

You need your essay to come on time, that isn’t negotiable. AussieEssayWriter says, when you sign up, that you’ll always get your order on time. Past reviews say that this isn’t always so. Some customers have got their essays late, causing problems for them later on. This means they had to go to the trouble of getting a refund, which is annoying when you just want your essay on time.

Customer service: 5/10 customer service

The customer service support is easily accessed. You can use the free live chat and contact forms online, or call using their contact number. They’re helpful when you first get in contact, as the reviews say, but if you need important info it can take a while to hear back from them. As a nervous student, you need that answer as quickly as possible. reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

It’s more or less safe to order from, as they seem legit. However, they’re not the best writing service around. They’re quite expensive, and the writing quality isn’t guaranteed. You may want to check out a better reviewed service if you need a good quality essay written for you.

Rating: 3.1

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