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6 Ways Technology Has Impacted Education

The modern classroom is almost unrecognizable from the classroom of just 30 years ago. Thanks to huge leaps in technological advancement, education has changed in dramatic ways that benefit both the pupil and the teacher. Here’s 6 ways that technology has changed the face of learning for good.

Ebooks are replacing physical books

Gone are the days of lugging around backpacks full of heavy textbooks. Pupils can access textbooks on ebooks now, meaning they can hold an almost limitless amount o books on one, lightweight device. Plus, it’s much easier to obtain updated texts, so the textbooks students learn from are always in date.

The chalkboard no longer exists in the classroom

The chalkboard has been removed, in favor of the smart board. Essentially a wall mounted computer, the educational uses for them now are only limited to the teacher’s imagination. They can show videos, create slide shows, and get the whole class involved in games at the touch of a button.

Distance education has improved dramatically

If a pupil needs to learn away from the classroom, they can stay in touch now with their class through the internet. Video conferencing makes staying in touch a breeze.

Touch screen technology has revolutionized the classroom

iPads have changed the way that pupils learn in the classroom. They also offer more interactivity for students with more complex needs, such as those with autism, making the classroom more inclusive.

Pupils have much more scope for presentations

The days of poster board or three ring binder projects have passed. Now, pupils can choose from a huge range of online tools to create their school projects and show off their knowledge.

Communication is evolving rapidly

Only a few years ago, communication was limited to the telephone, letter, or face to face.  Now, pupils can get in touch via social media, video calls, texting, and message board, to name a few. These new forms of communication have created exciting new avenues for team collaboration and discussion.

These are just a few ways that technology has changed the way education works. Who knows, in another 30 years the face of the classroom will have changed again, and the idea of iPads and smart boards will seem old fashioned and antiquated. Until then, these latest innovations will improve education for everybody, making it fun and exciting to learn.

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