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Many students have such full schedules these days that it can be hard to squeeze everything in. From attending lectures to maintaining a social life, there are times when things can creep up on you unexpectedly. Ever remembered that ten page essay you need to hand in in two days? You’re not alone. Many students turn to the help on online writing solution sites to aid this problem but when choosing a site to suit you, I recommend avoiding at all costs.

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Table of contents

  1. Services: Lack of education level
  2. Prices: Obviously a scam
  3. Quality: Lack of native English writers
  4. Customer service: Still waiting for a reply
  5. Conclusion

Services: Lack of education level services

To review EssayFolks, I headed over the order page to get things started. I was shocked to discover that I could only choose between a Master’s and College academic level. There are so many competitor websites that cater for high school all the way through to PhD, meaning that Essay Folks may not be suitable for you.

If you do happen to fall into one of these categories, your amount of choice is still pretty limited. There are only a handful of services to choose from that cover a few major document types but, compared to the more respected writing solution sites, there are not enough options to use the site as a regular service provider.

Prices: Obviously a scam prices

I proceeded with my order, selection a ten-page essay, writing to a Master’s degree level with a deadline of 2-3 days. With a copy of the sources used and two proofreading options, my quote came to a staggering $370! This is simply extortionate and a price like this is simply not affordable in the majority of student budgets.

Many competitor sites have much more inexpensive options and are more suitable for students.

Quality: Lack of native English writers

Having received my article a day late, I was appalled at the document I had received. Not only was the essay poorly written with dire sentence structure and loose content with very little amounts of valuable information, the document has obviously not been writing by a native English speaker.

There are constant errors in words like ‘their’ and ‘there’ and it looks as though the essay has been written in another language and then translated by being copied and pasted in some kind of translation software. This is simply not acceptable for an essay, especially at the prices that Essay Folks is charging.

Customer service: Still waiting for a reply customer service

Unlike many other writing solution sites, does not come with a live chat option, meaning that you will have to wait for a reply from the customer service team. This is not an option for students on a bit of a tight deadline.

I have messaged the site using the built in contact form and emailed to the supplied email address to air my complaints on the document but I am still waiting for a reply! This leads me to believe that the site is completely aware of the poor service they are providing and are simply trying to ignore the poor feedback from their customers. This gives the impression that this is an illegitimate scam website that provides a bogus writing service.


To conclude, Essay Folks has been a disastrous experience from start to finish. From poor written, overly expensive content to a complete lack of customer service, students looking for a decent writing solution provider to suit them, are much better off taking their business elsewhere.

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Scam, avoid this company, essayfolks!!

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